Supportive Monthly Call

Do you struggle with stress, exhaustion, and feelings of overwhelm?
Do you find you do not get the appreciation, value, or recognition you deserve?
Do you feel it's time to incorporate balance and self-care into your life, but you're not sure where or how to start?

Are you ready to make yourself a priority and learn how to make time for you??

Discover how you, as a busy care-taker, can practice self-care towards yourself.  If you are a busy person, struggling to balance it all, then sign up for my Supportive Monthly Calls in which will share quick tips, easy suggestions, and relevant information on health and wellness topics. 

During these calls I will share simple, practical, and easy to use tools that will help you to receive the happiness, balance, and peace of mind you have been looking for. 
I will help you create the space and ability for making time for the most important person in your life... YOU!

Next Call is 11/21/13 at 8 pm
Call in details to follow

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